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Dear Valued Customer,

The ChannelOnline team is pleased to announce the upcoming release of ChannelOnline 6.0. This release will roll out to all ChannelOnline customers on Friday, August 16, 2013. The new and updated functionality is described below.

If you have questions about this release, please contact your sales manager, or contact customer support at

Thank you,
The ChannelOnline Team

ChannelOnline 6.0 Release - Scheduled for August 16, 2013

The 6.0 release of ChannelOnline brings new document creation and delivery features plus a series of back-end changes to enhance functionality and the business process experience.

Business Process Improvements

Manage Multiple Location Addresses

ChannelOnline can now support multiple reseller company addresses. This means that if you have more than a single location, or use a remit to PO Box, you can now enter those addresses into ChannelOnline and assign them to specific documents. For example, you can use a PO Box address on all invoices, while using a different business address on all sales orders.

Add your additional address on the Company Settings -> Contact Information screen. The following address types are available for configuration:

  • Business
  • Bill To
  • Ship To
  • Remit To

From Sales Team to Personnel

The Sales Team admin module has been renamed to "Personnel". When looking at the left or center menu in the Admin tab, you will now see the term "Personnel" used in place of the previous term "Sales Team".

With this change comes the added support for the new Access Rights Profile type called Employee. These employee accounts do not consume licenses and therefore are unable to log in to ChannelOnline.

The addition of the new Job Roles dropdown has been added to each user's profile information. Future functionality will be making use of Employees and Job Roles by assiging them to customers and documents.

Account Portal Access

The 6.0 Release has added the ability to assign an external person access rights to log in and manage payment of your ChannelOnline account with CNET Content Solutions. This enables you to grant your Accounts Payable team access to the ChannelOnline billing screens without consuming additional seats. The set-up of the Account Services Portal username and password is located at the bottom of the Company Settings page.

For these users to log in, a new tab has been added to the ChannelOnline login screen specifically for 'Account Services' access.

Supported Suppliers

Dell PartnerDirect Supplier Support

Improvements to Dell PartnerDirect Integration:

  • Added the capability to import a product catalog of Dell PartnerDirect products.
  • Added a Company Settings option that will allow you to restrict individual sales team members to specific Dell Premier pages. The default behavior is to allow all sales reps to access all Dell Premier pages.
  • Product weight is now included in the Premier page exchange, making your shipping estimates more accurate.
  • The process of creating a Dell Premier PO has been modified to match that of existing suppliers.
  • Added the ability to configure a markup or margin percentage for products added via Dell Premier pages. This setting is available in the PunchOut Settings module for each outgoing connection.

Jenne Inc. - NEW Catalog and Pricing Support

New to ChannelOnline with standard catalog and pricing support, Jenne Inc. is a leading value-added distributor of business telephony, data, audio and video conferencing, and security technology products, including equipment and software for the SMB and Enterprise markets. Jenne is committed to providing installers, dealers and resellers with a broad product selection, competitive pricing, on-time accurate delivery, outstanding technical support, plus ongoing sales and technical training.

Jenne’s strategic alliances ensure its continuing ability to meet the reseller's growing needs. More than 150 major manufacturers partner with Jenne including Avaya, Panasonic, Extreme Networks, ADTRAN, Lifesize, ClearOne, Plantronics, GN Netcom, Aastra, ICC, Valcom, and Verint. Jenne is dedicated to tracking emerging technologies, offering fresh solutions, new equipment and related applications, and accredited training and certification to better serve dealers and resellers. For more information on Jenne, call toll-free at (800) 422-6191 or visit

Go to your supplier settings to enable Jenne.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

General Items


A new customer Payment Options Access Right has been created in the Access Rights section of Admin. This new right limits access by users to these customer account payment options:

  • Set credit limit amount / reset amount
  • Setting credit terms
  • Payment options: default payment
  • Selecting available payment terms for a customer

Enable/disable this right from the Access Rights option under the Customer section.


  • Added the ability to run a sales report and get the serial numbers for all the products of an order from a manufacturer, or a single manufacturer product number.
  • Added a new "Marketplace" tab to the main ChannelOnline dashboard for getting up-to-date information on supplier, manufacturer and industry news.
  • Reorganized the Company Settings portion of ADMIN to manage multiple addresses.
  • Updated the demographic questionnaire that is submitted by resellers in the Company Settings, Contact Information, Demographic Information section in Admin.
  • Added support for the You Tube social icon on the StoreSite.


  • Fixed an issue where a Live P&A would overwrite a manually entered contract / bid cost on the PO screen.
  • Issue where the Help Center on the StoreSite times out.
  • Intermittent issue where custom tabs could not be disabled.
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